Excerpt from FACTS Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1 (January 1995), written by former Linde employee and FACTS Newsletter editor Don Finch:

The following text is taken from a document that was once stamped SECRET. The title of this report is "SUMMARY, MEDICAL RESEARCH PROGRAM,1943-1946." The foreword was written by Joe W. Howland, Major, US Army, Chief, Research Branch, Medical Division. The material is quoted verbatim:

[page 2]"Foreword: The following series of abstracts was prepared by the undersigned from complete research reports, partially completed and analyzed data and personal communications during the period of 1 May 1946 to 1 July 1946. Since that time much of the work has been finished and issued in the form of program or final reports. However much is being continued and the results as yet unpublished."

[page 45] "We are forced, on the basis of these findings, to conclude that there is no tolerance dose of radiation below which mutation does not occur. Our data indicate that a dosage of about 35 r actually doubles the natural lethal mutation rate in flies. Less extensive data on visible mutations seem to show the same relationship.

If these findings can be shown to have transfer value to the effect of radiation on the human race through their corroboration on the mouse, a mammal, then it becomes clear that radiation in dosages which may be tolerated by the body of man may have dire effects upon the human germ-plasm. In terms of society and the human race the risks can only be stated when a statistic on the proportion of individuals of reproductive age exposed to low dosage radiation is introduced. For the individual exposed and his descendants, the risk is obviously much greater. These facts should be carefully considered in any proposed use of atomic energy on a large scale."

At this point, we wish to stress the fact that these Army studies, which concluded that "there is no tolerance dose of radiation below which mutation does not occur" are from the 1940s.